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Live Sketching Waterlilies in watercolour

Join me as I do a quick sketch of waterlilies on, what I call, the lost pond. We’ve found it now so it isn’t lost anymore! Water lily leaves are basically circular so, to draw them from a side view, they need to be ellipses but all set on the same plane.

I didn’t have very long to do this, about half an hour with set up time. The video has only about 30 seconds edited from it. I drivel on a bit, but I hope some of my chat is useful. Otherwise it’s a nice, peaceful, sunny afternoon by the pond

A whole week sketching at The Big Malarkey Children’s Festival in Hull

A couple of weeks back, I spent the whole week recording The Big Malarkey Children’s Festival in Hull. It was an amazing week put on as part of the City of Culture celebrations. Here are all the videos I made in order.

Many thanks to the wonderful Library Staff who put the whole thing on with the help of all the festival volunteers. Thanks also to the performers and visitors who also appear on the pages of my sketchbook.

How to draw from Photographs

Some people find it hard to sketch in public, so why not get some practice in drawing people out of catalogues and magazines? The models are great – they don’t move! do one everyday and you will soon feel that maybe you do it from real life in a cafe or on the street.

You can see the other drawings I did from this catalogue on my Patreon page here:

Remember that you are not drawing a photograph. That’s what cameras are for. You are drawing a sketch. Your drawing does not have to be a portrait nor does it even have to look the same or use the same colours. It’s your sketch interpretation.

If you make a mistake, that’s great – we learn from mistakes. see if you can finish the drawing then have another go and see if you can get it right, Don’t abandon the drawing if you make a mistake – that can turn into a habit and you’ll never finish anything. Often you can save a drawing or painting by just keeping on going!

My Viking Storytelling Trip To Shetland

I had a great couple of days in Shetland Just before Christmas. Where’s Shetland? Here’s a google map code:,-6.6414739,6z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x489c14686803c3cf:0xd3639a2515cb557f!8m2!3d60.5296507!4d-1.2659408

I had a wonderful time telling stories in schools and in the museum, mostly about Vikings – they are mad about vikings in Shetland and also space stuff too.

Many thanks to Margie from Shetland Library who looked after me and took me round and to Scottish Book Trust for organising Book Week Scotland – my trip was part of that.

Sit back and enjoy the views!

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See inside my Wigtown Book Festival Sketchbook

In September of 2016, I went to the Wigtown Book Festival in Scotland and painted this sketchbook while watching author sessions and other entertainments. Just drawing the people and what they were talking about.

I was going to make a printed book like I did last year, but I was so busy making a mural for the school that I ran out of time ad so I cancelled the kickstarter project to make it.

You can find out more at the Cancelled Kickstarter page :


This tells you all about the previous year’s successful sketchbook project